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Friday, July 16, 2010

Double-Glazed Windows

I was having a conversation with my 13yo, about his grandfather and some conversations that they had in the past.

My son said to me that grandpa thought the only reason that their house didn’t burn too, was because of the double-glazed windows. This surprised me, I wasn’t aware that my son knew what double-glazed windows were.

I was right – the next question was – “mum, what are double-glazed windows?”

I then explained to him that double-glazed windows are two sheets of glass with air in between, held in the window frame, so that the two pieces don’t touch and the air in the middle is like a cushion, that stop s the house getting too hot or too cold and during the fire it did the same thing.

Mstr13 then pipes up and says, “Yeah, that’s what grandpa said. He said single-glaze windows cracked and then the drapes (USA speak URRGGHH) caught fire and then the house burnt.”

Mstr13, then went on to say that Nanna burnt her fingers when she touched the window frame, when the fire was outside.

I knew these things, but had never discussed them with my children, I didn’t want to scare them anymore that I did that Sunday/Monday when I went to Marysville.

As it was Mstr13 was nearly suspended from school, for checking his mobile phone during class on Monday, thinking that I may have called. It took some quick talking with the school to avoid that.

This conversation has only come to light in the last week. I’m not even sure why or how.

Children are constantly thinking and talking, you’d be surprised, don’t think your children don’t want to know, they do, share your knowledge, it might save their life one day.