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Monday, February 7, 2011

2 years to today – Black Saturday Bushfires - We Remember

Today is the remembrance of the Black Saturday Bushfires, fires that changed many people lives, be it those that lost family members, those that lost friends, those that lost property, those that lost animals. None of those losses will ever be forgotten. Not in 2 yrs – not in 10years – not in a lifetime.

I’ve spent close to 2 years trying to make people aware of the dangers of bushfires and yet time and time again I see people waiting until the last minute, or complaining that they only received 20 minutes warning from authorities. Daily Telegraph - Forget you homes, just get out now! Feb 7th 2011 I’m sorry – but you have eyes and ears, you have radio, you have television. Do not lock yourself inside with the Air Conditioner and think “she’ll be right mate, someone will tell me” – Maybe the phones are down, maybe the mobile has a flat battery.

This entire blog is dedicated to those that were lost in the Black Saturday Fires, not because I dwell in the morbid, but because if I can prevent ONE loss of life with the information contained here then I have achieved something

Today we remember 173 people who lost their lives to the Black Saturday fires, don’t let their loss be in vain. Get out whilst you can. If you know the weather is a high risk day, pack up the night before, go to friends houses.

You know the drill – don’t wait until the last minute I beg you

Think of your children, think of your family.


Take care