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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fire Danger Warning Signs - Are We in Danger?

1st September 2010

30km apart, three totally different signs, three totally different attitudes, three totally different types of townships, two townships both impacted by the Black Saturday Fires.

And yet the warning signs, that are meant to form one of the points of contact to alert the residents in the area and the travelling public to the danger of fire in the area belong to three different councils and have three completely different looks.

I have previously covered this topic here CFA Road Signage - August 2010 and here Victorian Public Lives Not At Risk - January 2010

The state of Victoria currently has 3 types of signs:-
The least informative which looks like this:- Kalkallo - Fire Signage

A little more informative, but not much better – Whittlesea – Fire Signage
(This sign faces south and would explain why the sign has not deteriorated)

And the third which wins ALL the prizes - Kinglake Fire Signage
(This sign is metal and speaks for itself) Also note that this sign is new, within the last 15-30 days.

Why can’t the people and visitors to Victoria have the same information available to them, across the state, in the same easy-to-read format?

Hasn’t the state Government learnt ANYTHING since the fires of Black Saturday?

**photos taken between the 20th and 22nd August 2010**