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Friday, November 19, 2010

Marysville - Almost 2 years on after the Bushfires of Black Saturday

These are some photos I took last week.

90%, maybe 95% of the trees are dead. They will stand as a reminder of what has happened for generations. Falling as those that remember fall.

Do not let the memory of these trees be in vain. Prepare yourself, your family, your house, your animals.

Remember these trees and remember never to forget that preparation is the key to survival in a bushfire.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fire Warning Signs - still no change from September 2010

The Good - Kinglake Fire Warning Sign:-

The Bad - Whittlesea Fire Warning Sign:-

The Ugly - Kalkallo Fire Danger Warning Sign:-

Look, call me a looney, call me a fool, call me an idiot for even caring. Not 25km from these signs - 20 people died. Not 90km from these signs nearly 150 people died.

We as residents of the state of Victoria, DESERVE the RIGHT to know what danger the day may bring.

We pay rates, we elect the people into Local Council, into State Goverment, we have a right to be fully informed.

The CFA are NOT responsible for these signs, they are ONLY responsible for ensuring that the arrow points in the right direction - the problem is THERE IS NO ARROW, THERE IS NO WARNING INDICATOR.

I've previously written about this:-
September 2010 - Fire Danger Warning Signs - Are we in Danger?
August 2010 - CFA Road Signage

The last I heard in late September, early October was that new signs were being designed, yet the fire danger period is almost upon us and nothing is being seen to be done.

The CFA are hamstrung, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't say anything. Damned by the Government/Councils for speaking up and making them look bad and damned by the general public for not warning them

Someone needs to pull their finger out and soon - soon enough so that people entering high risk fire areas on days considered high risk, can actually see the risk.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Trees and Power lines

They don’t mix. Nearly everyone knows that, and if they don’t, they have been living under a rock for 20 or more years.

I had a discussion with someone recently about the maiming of trees in suburbia. Unfortunately trees don’t know the difference between the suburbs and bush. Only the people who plant the trees do.

Consequently there are blanket rules in place for suburb and country, considering the results are pretty much the same in regards to power outages and the risk of fires. It’s a pretty good rule. Sure trees can look unsightly as they sprout new growth. But the alternative is only bushes in the suburbs and that would be far worse. Trees provide shade, even if they have been tailored to accommodate power lines. So the trees must stay.

People seem to think that suburb and country should have different rules. It’s not possible. Trees provide shade, they help reduce the temperature in the inner-city when mid-summer is upon us. Would you rather only bushes to provide that shade?

This photo from New Zealand shows what happens to a tree when it comes in contact with power lines. I suppose everyone was lucky that no real problems occurred - notice-board

People also say adjust the planting under power lines, but that will reduce shade in the suburbs, so not a real option. Here are some recommendations from Powercor as to what could be planted under lines if you live in Victoria. PowerCor - Planting Trees Near Powerlines

The Premiers office, also points out that not only are bushfires are danger, but many power outages are caused by trees near lines and causing interference. Premiers Office

In NSW you could be held accountable IF trees near lines cause problems. Refer the Energy Australia Brochure. Energy Australia - Bushfire Safety

Without trees in the suburbs, the suburbs would be hotter, without these trees being trimmed there could be the risk of fire and or blackouts.

So it’s a lose lose. Better to have a tree that has been trimmed harshly than no tree at all.

I know my preference.