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Thursday, August 5, 2010

CFA Roadside Signage

I have previously touched on this topic, what’s made me bring it up again is that I was reading the local newspaper and saw this article Star Group - Fired Up Over Signs Which says that the council are fully responsible for the funding for the CFA Fire Danger Indication Signs. I wasn’t aware of this, I’m sure you weren’t either.

The new format, corrugated plastic signs were placed over the old format steel (better) signs with funding from the State Government, the councils are being asked to replace the fading and failing plastic signs with a material more durable, but in the same format.

I agree with councils (which is rare for me) the old format is far superior to the new format as I have discussed previously here Victorian Public Lives Not at Risk
The reasoning behind replacing the signs in the first place as to make it ‘easier’ for the public to see the fire danger, which is a complete an utter lie. The new sign shows NO indicative points, only colours with a telephone number and a website. The old signs with the arrow and the colour markings were easier to see at high speed and also clearly indicated the fire danger in the area you were entering.

Another aim when replacing the signs is to ensure that the fire areas line up with total fire ban weather areas, which is also a good idea.

The Government need to realise that by supposedly simplifying things, they are actually muddying the waters and making it even harder.

The OLD CFA Danger sign was far superior to the new. It was easier to read when passing in a 100kph zone, and it clearly showed what the fire danger was. The new sign shows NOTHING. Other than pretty colours, a phone number and a website.

The State Government are all for making people more aware, more accountable, why remove ANOTHER avenue/layer of warning?

Your input greatly appreciated


Jayne said...

I totally agree about the new fire danger signs.
Saw one a few weeks ago and said "Is that it?"
They are smaller, waaaay harder for me to see (and others with poor eyesight on a clear day let alone on a smoke-filled day) tell me nothing and big whoop about the phone number, where I was there was no mobile phone coverage to call to find out proper details!
The whole greenie idea thing is a convenient excuse to lock up and leave vast tracts of public land to become choked with noxious weeds, spending next to nothing to maintain it, employing fewer and fewer rangers to manage huge areas.
I fear that this is what would happen if the non-compulsory acquisition of private land recommendation of the Royal Commission was followed through on.

Heather said...

Jayne - one again you and I agree. Thoe 'new' signs might as well be used a walls for a kids cubby house, they are that useful.
They show nothing useful of any nature, liek you said, no mobile coverage where you saw one. They HAVE TO BRING BACK to arrow, to show everyone, every tourist is the area, the dangers they may face in that area.
Where are we going with all of this? I have no idea :(