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Thursday, January 6, 2011

40’c at your place? What Council services can you expect?

I covered this some 12 months ago Do Council, Government & Insurance Co.'s have power to shut your business on HIGH fire risk days?

From council offices, to council amenities, schools, day-care centres, possibly even community events.

Don’t forget your electricity supply also Cut my power, cut my ability to make life-saving decisions

Then to find this article in the Adelaide Now Care Factor Nil for Elderly Left Alone - Adelaide Now stating that elderly citizens were abandoned during a day that exceeded 40’c. These elderly people, who have paid their taxes and raised children and helped Australia grow, couldn’t even have a shower, because no-one came to help them.

The response from the agencies involved? “the policy called for systems to ensure family, friends or neighbours checked the welfare of clients on days of extreme heat and fire danger.”

What if they DO NOT have anyone to check their welfare? What then? People don’t use these agencies because they have that people that care about them, or are nearby, they use these agencies as a last resort solution.

I hope and pray that nothing EVER goes wrong.

Please if you have elderly neighbours, OR know someone in this position, please find the time to stop past or even ring to check they are okay. Remember the older generation are proud and will not ask for help. Sometimes you have to just DO IT, for them.


Andrew said...

I think generally pensioners can get a personal alarm system for free. Not to say people should not check on their welfare, but all older people who live alone should have a personal alarm.

Heather said...

and who would attend if the alarm was activated? No-one from Council/Government agencies. They all go home on 40+'c days.
Still 100% reliant on family, who may be interstate, out of the country or maybe they have NO-ONE to turn to?
Wouldn't work

Andrew said...

The one my mother has is from a private company. I am not sure who pays, but she doesn't, only the first month. The agency contacts people via phone whoever they have numbers for. Of course the problem with really old people is they would often not know they were in trouble until it was too late.