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Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 summers later, nothing has changed regarding Bushfires

Three summers after the terrible bushfires of Black Saturday, people still think it won’t happen to them. People still think that bushfires only affect people on large allotments/farms, that bushfires only affect people who have farm animals.

People need to wake up.

If you live in an area adjacent to park land, adjacent to bushland, many trees around you. If you live in Doncaster, Doreen, Eltham, Greensborough, Inverloch, Mt Dandenong, Nutfield, Red Hill, Templestowe, Tynong, Warrandyte, Yarrambat. I’m sure you get my meaning, If there are lots of trees, lots of grass land or lots of bushland, YOU COULD BE AT RISK.

The emergency services may be under so much pressure they WILL NOT have time to warn you, the fire might be moving so fast, that the update service can not keep up.

YOU the resident, YOU the traveller MUST be accountable for your OWN safety at all times during the bushfire season.

Do not retreat inside, only to come out once the power goes out. By then it could very well be too late….. Too late to save you, too late to save your family, too late to save your animals, too late to get out.

Leave the radio on, listen to the radio, don’t rely on the internet, as the bushfire could have started next door, or just down the road.

Be responsible FOR YOU.

I have spoken to many people over the past 3 years and many live in areas that could very well be affected by bushfires. These people think it won’t happen to them.

One conversation sticks in my mind, “I said where do you live?” He said “Greensborough.” I said “Do you have a fire plan?” His response.. “Nope, don’t need one, I won’t be there when there’s a fire.”

I shook my head. What could I say? I mean why doesn’t HE need a fire plan? WHERE is he going to be? I was shocked beyond belief. He was a mature-aged man, obviously thought that there are enough emergency services around just to cater for him. That is all I could think of. (Insert stunned look here)

There is only ONE person responsible for YOUR safety and that IS YOU. Rely on no-one. Only YOU can save YOU (and your family)

Stay alert and stay safe from bushfires.


Paul H said...

Don't need a fire plan? The worisome aspect to this is that as a consequence peolpe don't feel compelled to clean up either, which only makes it much worse for those that may choose to stay behind and defend their property and lives

Heather said...

It beggars belief doesn't it? Alright I am probably overly cautious - having been raised in Marysville the town razed by fires, but the only thing that saves my parents and 'some' of their friends, WAS MY fathers same fears. He was always prepared and thought ahead, I too do the same.... I have no desire to kill my children nor my husband and animals in my belief I don't need to do anything because the CFA/CSA or similiar will be my knights in shining white armour. They have more important things to do.