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Thursday, September 24, 2009

“A Trouble shared is a trouble halved”

Was just talking to someone about the dust storms in Sydney and realized that the reason they send shivers down my spine is that days after Ash Wednesday a dust storm rolled over Melbourne. I was a teenager at the time and was unable to get home due to the risk of fires and was staying with relatives in the ‘big smoke’ – Association by memory is probably the best way to describe it.

Just looking back over my life and the memories of said life! – and it is amazing the number of events both locally and world-wide that I have witnessed or been one of the first to know.

Ash Wednesday (1983)– couldn’t get home, had to bunk with relatives in the city. Didn’t know if family had survived, communication was jammed.

Dust Storms (1983) – was in the city when this happened and saw the clouds rolling over the top of us.

Russell Street Bombing (1986) – Was in the basement of building approx 500m from the site of the bombing. I can still ‘hear’ the recoil of the air pressure.

Hoddle Street Shootings (1987) – Drove along Hoddle street moments before the shooting, think I heard a shot, but wasn’t aware until work called and asked if I had got home okay!

World Trade Centre (USA) (2001) – I was up watching something on TV when the show was interrupted to bring live footage on that horrible horrible event. People woke up and found out about it – I didn’t sleep.

Floods (2003) – Northern Suburbs – the worst flooding in 100 years. I was watching buildings in Heidelberg be inundated.

Black Saturday (2009) – I was in the middle of it

These are the BIG events that almost everyone is aware of, if you are a resident of Victoria.

Have I had my fair share or have I had more than my fair share?

Only God knows. Simply due to the fact that people won’t talk about these sorts of events due to the flashbacks and memories. Trust me – the ONLY way to cope is to talk about them. Allows you to realize that it may not be as bad as you first thought.

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