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Saturday, September 12, 2009

You can feel a sense of de-ja vu in the air

The wind is up - the temp is up - this is the first day of over 20'c - you can almost feel the fires in the air.

The wind is gusting at 30-40kph and outside temp is up to 24.8'c and still climbing.

This upcoming season will be worse than last, I can feel it in my bones.

I wish people would pay attention, I wish people to be accountable for their own actions. I wish people will stop assuming that the government will step in pay compensation when houses are lost.

I know that one person, was standing on his house roof, with a hose, hosing down the roof in preparation of the approaching fire and was on the phone calling the insurance company to get a cover note. FFS - why did he not have insurance prior to that day? - Thankfully his house was not burnt. - I am not sure how the insurance would have handled that one.

There are 45 days until the official fire season started - Looking at the CFA incident summary for today - I think it has already started :(

I don't want a repeat of last year - no-one does.

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