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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fire Season and the Procrastinator

We all know the procrastinator – the person who waits until the last minute, who won’t make a commitment because they just can’t; a person who sits on their hands rather than using them, because it is easier.

We have come to the time in the fire season where there is no longer time for procrastinators, there is no longer time for ‘roundtoit’ – there is no longer time for tomorrow.

Today is the day that if you live in a rural area – that you MUST clean up.

As the CFA advertise on roadside signs – “Clean Up Before Fire Does it for YOU”

We are entering a new fire season, we are entering a new summer, last summer was one that no-one wishes to be re-visited. No-one wishes for the loss of life, no-one wishes for the loss of property. No-one wishes for the heart-ache. But honestly NO-ONE is doing anything about it.

I live in an area that was a 15 degree wind change from being burnt out and then the fire proceeding right into other built-up areas with high populations. I drive past houses everyday – that with a little effort could be made safer for both the resident and certainly the neighbour.

YET nothing has been done and it is unlikely anything will be done.

This upsets me greatly – because it will be these people that cry and say I have lost everything and yet they did nothing to help themselves or their neighbours.

Black Saturday saw many houses saved only because of due diligence of the neighbours. I personally know 3 such events. I am sure there are many many more stories.

It is no good at the approach of a fire – to try and clean up then – to get on the mower, to cut the trees etc. It is too late then.

DO NOT BE A PROCRASTINATOR, get off your hands and do something about that mess, about that long grass, about the overhanging trees.

DO NOT LET 2009/10 Fire season be another killer.

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