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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flash Back of the Worst Kind

Went back to the place I grew up in (I can’t call it home as I have my own family now, with my own home). This is the same place that was burnt out by Black Saturday fires in February and I made a mad pre-dawn dash, running road blocks and upsetting several ‘official’ people

It’s amazing what the smallest thing can cause you to recall at the strangest times.

The morning of the fires, I came around this corner, there was an almighty tree across the road, obviously the smoke and fire that goes with being in the middle of a catastrophic event like Black Saturday.

I turned the same corner today and saw the stumps of the trees and was thinking about that horrible morning. When all of a sudden a light dust cloud swept across the road, accompanied by the smell of smoke. I almost panicked.

The only thing that stopped me slamming on the brakes was that my partner was riding shotgun, whereas before I was alone.

The dust was from the cleared ground due to fire cleaning up and the smoke was due to a fire that had been lit to burn off the tree stumps and rubbish that had been graded into a pile.

I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like for someone who has lost family in Black Saturday. How do they cope on a daily basis?

I was lucky - only lost friends, not family. I couldn't imagine

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