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Monday, November 2, 2009

Things NOT to do when confronted by a bushfire

Point Form:-

DO NOT rely on help coming to you when you need it.

DO NOT use the bathroom as a refuge – it has no external doors and could be a killer.

DO NOT use a body of water elevated above ground level as a refuge – it could rupture.

DO NOT wait until the flames are visible before leaving your property.

DO NOT knowingly drive INTO the flames, people could be trying to escape and be on the wrong side of the road.

DO NOT continue to drive when the smoke gets too thick, even experienced fire-fighters have missed turn-offs.

DO NOT wear any man-made material that could melt, when fighting fires.

DO NOT wear thongs, singlets and t-shirts.

DO NOT leave animals in cars, waiting until the last moment, the heat or smoke may kill them, if the flames don’t.

DO NOT think that once the initial fire front has passed the danger is over. It could come back at you with a wind change.

DO NOT rely on mobile phone communications, when the fire comes it takes those towers out.

DO NOT rely on friends and family being able to come to your rescue as the fire approaches.

DO NOT rely on electricity or water supplies, they could fail at ANY time.

I know I keep nagging and perhaps you are getting sick of it – but if ONE person, only ONE person, manages to remember anything from this blog – and it aids in their survival then I have succeeded in saving one persons’ life.

Take care

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