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Monday, December 14, 2009

Loss of power in residential premises

We have all experienced the moments where the power flickers, this comes from the power being switched to one grid to another OR where there is a high wind and the lines overhead touch.

To lose power for an extended period of time is unusual for city residents. That means no air con for the hot days and often no heating for the cold days. That is one of the inconveniences. It might last for 1-2 hours. So no TV, no microwave, no general modern day type activities.

For 1-2 hours this is not a concern, for 5-6 hours or longer, it is of a slightly greater concern.

Some of the things that you may not be able to use:-
1. Telephone (elec handsets) – from the onset of power loss
2. Internet if PC based – from onset of power loss
3. Water (Shower, Toilet, Kitchen) – if you rely on tank water- from onset of power loss
4. No cooking, if you require electricity to cook – from onset of power loss
5. Roller Doors for garages and carports – from onset of power loss
6. Television – from onset of power outage
7. Air Conditioning/Heating – from onset of power outage
8. Alarm clocks – from onset of power outage
9. NO charging of iPods, phones etc – 12 hours after the fact, you will need to recharge
10. The freezer might actually start to dethaw – 12-24 hours after power outage
11. Lights – at nightfall

How to overcome such problems:-
Telephones – make sure you have a handset, even if not on display, that you can connect into the socket, that does not require 240v, problem solved
Internet – Tough – go without, replace getting your news updates with radio (battery operated of course)
Water – (for those of us on tank water) try and make sure you have the kettle full as a matter of habit and if feasible, set up a gravity feed line, (riser) only used in emergencies
Cooking – get the Gas BBQ out and cook the meat from the freezer, boil water, use your imagination
Roller Doors, make sure you understand the manual override and practice using it occasionally
Television – tough – refer internet solution
Air Conditioning – tough – get used to it
Heating – put on another jumper, if the heating requires an electric fan, turn off heating, or risk causing damage to heating appliance
Alarm Clocks – have a battery operated/wind up alarm clock as an emergency or go to bed early and catch up on some missed sleep
Chargers – tough – get used to it
Freezer – Cover the freezer with as many blankets as possible, making sure that you do not leave the premises whilst covered as the power MAY be restored and you could cause the freezer to overheat. In the meantime – eat the contents, at each meal.
Night – use candles – perhaps placed IN jars to prevent them causing a fire, or lanterns like those you use outside.

You can also stock up on canned and dry foods, makes life a little easier in these types of emergencies.

Some people are more prepared than others, simply because their work might require generators or similar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be just as prepared without that sort of stuff.

Just because something has changed, doesn’t mean you can't change – as I state time and time again; The only person you can rely on is YOU.

Stay warm or cool – it’s not the end of the world, only a blip in the time-line.

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