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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Victorian Publics’ Lives at Risk

Today the 16th December 2009 is the day the media claim is the first day that Victoria’s fire services will be put to the test for the 2009-2010 Fire Season.

I have to say at 13:21hrs – The emergency services have failed the state.

The CFA website has been down and very glitchy all day – I thought it was my connection – but others have checked and no – I am right – The CFA website has been down.

12:18hrs down
12:20hrs up
12:29hrs down
12:30hrs down
12:33hrs down

12:35hrs up
12:40hrs up
12:44hrs up
12:49hrs up
12:58hrs up
13:21hrs up
13.31hrs Up
13:43hrs Down
13:46hrs down
13:48hrs down
13:49hrs down
13:56hrs down
14:03hrs Down
14:07hrs down
14:12hrs Down
14:14hrs down
14:16hrs down
14:18hrs down
14:22hrs down
14:23hrs down
14:28hrs down

14:32hrs up
14:37hrs up
14:53hrs down (time-out)
14:54hrs up (very slow)
14:57hrs up
15:00hrs up
15:06hrs up
15:10hrs up
15:16hrs up
15:18hrs up
15:22hrs up
15:24hrs up
15:26hrs up
15:30hrs up
15:33hrs up
15:45hrs up
15:49hrs up
15:54hrs up

At a CFA meeting for the public – a statement along the lines of “You will have to put up with the problems for accessing the site” – This is not a satisfactory response.

There is poor load capacity on servers and that comment is coming straight from CFA Head Quarters. There are ways and means to manage these problems. Some of the other causes appear to be the source coding with too many requests to other data sources and also that google tracking appears twice on the same page.

This is something that should concern ALL VICTORIAN’s.

It’s fine to say keep your eyes open, that the site information will be delayed, that it is your personal responsibility. This is ONE of the tools I use to monitor fire activity along with 100’s possibly 1000’s of other people.

Don’t we have a right to feel safe in the knowledge that tools we need to assess the danger are working and accessible to everybody state-wide?

Your thoughts, your ideas, welcome – if we can find a solution for the Emergency Services then let’s do it!

(last updated 15:56hrs - 16.12.09) - no further updates

It would appear that changes done yesterday were the cause of the problems - Things seem back to normal as at the last update.


Debra Templar said...

For heaven's sake! There is no allowance for error on this supposed lifesaving website.
It should have been tested and tested and tested prior to the bushfire season.
And to say "you will have to put up with problems for accessing the site" is not acceptable. In fact its downright patronising.
Seems the attitude and behaviour hasnt changed.
Should be zero tolerance for such attitudes.
Give me the Queen of Hearts: "Off with their heads".

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

I can still remember that fateful day in February when the CFA website says evacuate to oval. The township has burned down 2 hours prior.
It was not the CFA's fault - but the internal communications that were at fault.
The site needs to be working and accessible to ALL - yes it may be delayed in putting up notifications, BUT 1hr delay is better than nothing - Those that live in the bush know where the danger will come from - so any warning is better than none.
Thank-you for your comments Debra - but I don't think taking any heads will work - we need to remove the politics before there is any headway.