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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Reason for Outrage at CFA Outage

People have been saying since the CFA outage yesterday that there are other means of determining impending fire threats. Unfortunately I don't agree.

IN February, We knew it was going to be a bad day, the media had prepared us for it being that - but if you've lived in the bush long enough - you don't need to be told - YOU KNOW.

From the moment I rolled out of bed in the morning, I checked the CFA website, I listened to 693, 1026 AND 774, switching between the stations, yet they really only had proper updates on the ½ hour, so that rules out radio mostly. Newspapers LOL, Internet – fine if you have power. So the ONLY other way to get information is via phone calls to people closer to the danger – it shouldn’t be that way

I understand and many other fire savvy people understand that EVERY media outlet is ALWAYS behind the times – they can’t keep up-to-date. But sites like the CFA are a first line of defence for the ordinary person – to give them a guide.

For example, The Kilmore fire – I could see the smoke in the distance – so I immediately referred to the CFA site – radio/TV had no inkling at that time – by the time the media got hold of the story – I already had the fire hoses out AND the neighbours organized

That is HOW important the CFA site is – and UNTIL the idiot pen-pushers realize this – we are stuffed.

(and this is WHY the CFA & Government recommend you LEAVE early if you are NOT planning on staying and defending - they can't guarantee you will be alerted in time)

I'll say it again and again and again - if you have NO INTENTIONS of defending your property - notify your neighbours and get the HELL OUT.

You are not just fighting for your life - you will be fighting for your sanity.

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