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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marysville - Steavensons Falls - Black Saturday

This group of four photos was taken by a 12 year old. There was no input from an adult - as has previously been seeen - he just takes photos. This is the area adjacent to and in the Steavensons Falls Reserve, access to the public was not permitted at the time. He accompanied an adult on an inspection tour

Notice the trees in the both these photos? - Very little foliage and unlikely these trees will grow back.

The photo below - shows the total devastion and the dead trees that have been cooked from the inside out and never to re-grow

As the sign says - NO ENTRY - with these tracks and roads shut, there is little hope for tourism to return. With much hard work - bus tours are now returning to Steavensons Falls - but it will be many years, possibly decades before this area is anywhere near what it used to be.

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