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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Summary of My Story - A True Story

The only thing in this post in chronological order is "My Story" The remaining posts are just there - they are part of the story, of My Story - but they don't fit in anywhere specifically - so they are just left at the bottom.

This has not been an easy story to share - and what you see is really only the bare bones - the whole story - with the nuts and bolts won't ever be told - there are too many nightmares - like the car with the keys or the horse who survived only to die due to dehydration, because I couldn't get him water. They are just some of the details that have been omitted.

My Story Part 1

My Story Part 2

My Story Part 3

My Story Part 4

My Story Part 5

My Story Part 6

My Story Part 7

My Story Part 8

My Story Part 9

My Story Part 10

My Story Part 11

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Annie246 said...

This is an amazing true story. It enables others that don't live there to fully understand just how bad it was.
It shows too how much of a hero the writter is, going into terrible danger to help others. You are amazing.
Our thoughts and prayers were with all that suffered this terrible tragedy on the anniversay of it happening. It will never be forgotten.
It would be terribly hard to cope with even now.

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

Annie, I'm not sure I'm a hero - there are plenty of other people who did things probably far more important and live-saving that what I did.
my thoughts in sharing this story was to show Australians that they must be prepared at every turn for something like this and that you CAN survive - if you keepy our head. I didn't do this for the label of hero - I did this because like so many people on that day - didn't know if my parents were alive or dead. that is WHY I HAD TO DO IT. No other reason.
I just hope that no-one has to go through what I did.
Thank-you for you comment it is greatly appreciated

Dragonsally said...

I've just cried reading all of this H.
You are an amazing woman and I salute you.