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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Victoria Lives at Risk #6

Why do I have to repeat and repeat and repeat myself?

Today was a mildly warm day - the night is cooling down - although still quite warm.

Tonight at 21.22hrs (9.22pm) the CFA site went down - or more specifically the OSOM system appears to be affected.

This effects the incidents, and the warnings if any are current.

The feed back I have been getting from other sources are :-
The Twitter Feed appears to be working
The DSE feed and site appears to be working correctly.

The CFA site was out (to the best of my knowledge from 21.22hrs - 22.04hrs) and the there are problems with the mapping component that has continued past 22.38hrs (10.38pm. The Google API Mapping Key is invalid and I believe it is retrieving data from the DSE site currently

I don't like being the bad person - I don't like outing the good guys, but the problem is NOT WITH THE men and women on the ground - it is with the people who administer this site - it is with the people PAID to ensure that the Victorian Public have somewhere to turn in an emergency.

Bushfires are a battle, they are battle for life and death, not just of humans, but animals and livelihoods. Businesses have and will be destroyed by bushfires. Lives have been lost due to lack of information or no information or god forbid WRONG information.

The officials are to blame, not the men and women who defend your life, your property, your livelihoods.

We must make our voices heard over the politics, over the government protectionism of public liability, we need multiple sources of information and not information that is hidden from al except a few who understand how these things work.

“Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron says people should never rely only on the CFA website."

So tell me Mr Cameron – what do we rely on? Or do we leave our house, our business or animals to the hand of God?

Victorians have a right to know - not be kept in the dark like mushrooms. We have a right to defend if capable/able

16.12.09 - Outage No. 1
16.12.09 Excuses for Outage
30.12.09 - Outage No. 2
01.01.10 - Outage No. 3
09.01.10 - Outage No. 4
10.01.10 - Outage No. 5

To contact Mr Bob Cameron - please use his his website located Here

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