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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bushfire Season has arrived – Are You prepared?

Doesn’t matter where you live, be it Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland or New South Wales, the threat of fire is not far away.

Record rains across all states have seen the undergrowth thrive, once the hot weather arrives, that same undergrowth will dry off and pose a major fire risk.

The thought of bushfires is never been far away from the minds of rural folk at the height of summer, but city folk must also pay attention. 2009 saw the suburbs of Melbourne threatened, outskirts of Bendigo burned. 2010 saw the outskirts of Adelaide threatened and 4000 hectares burnt in Tasmania.

So, doesn’t matter city or country – you MUST prepare for the upcoming season, record rains have seen record growth and with the growth comes the likelihood of record bushfires and fatalities.

Don’t become a statistic, prepare for the summer ahead, prepare your land, prepare your house, prepare your family, prepare yourself.

Some things you can do to prepare are slash grass, clear gutters, create a firebreak around your house, make sure wood and junk is not stacked up against or under your house and most importantly prepare a bushfire action plan AND STICK TO IT.

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Clean up before fire cleans up for you!

Remember only you can save you – no-one else knows where the fire is headed, not even the experts.


Andrew said...

Not personal, but don't every year we hear a fire person pro speaker saying 'due to the rain, there will be lots of growth that will dry off', or 'due to the lack of rain, everything will be very dry this year'.

Heather said...

Andrew - so agreed - every year you hear the same warning, every year some people ignore it - I just hope that along with my story, at least one person listens, acts and survives.
I hope things neer get as bad as they once did, but that would be wishful thinking - I can only hope one person listen, one person acts and one person survives.
Then I done what I set out to achieve.

Su voz emergente said...

Sound advice regarding the bush fire season. I agree with Heather if we listen & act to the warnings then people survive. A great message for all.