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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Victorian Publics’ Lives at Risk #5

We are less than 12hours away from a day classified as “Code Red” meaning leave your residence as early as possible or even the night before.

Yet Victorians are going into battle without arms, without information, the CFA site has been up and down again since about 5pm – how can we monitor the situation if we can’t see what the battle is?

Bushfires are a battle, they are battle for life and death, not just of humans, but animals and livelihoods. Businesses have and will be destroyed by bushfires. Lives have been lost due to lack of information or no information or god forbid WRONG information.

The record for the CFA site today is:-

10.01.10- 17.29-17.34 - Timed out
10.01.10- 19.23-19.26 - Down
10.01.10- 19.41-19.44 - Down
10.01.10- 19.49-19.55 - Down
10.01.10- 20.00-20.03 - Down
10.01.10- 20.12-20.14 - Down
10.01.10- 20.14-20.16 - Very slow to load appears to be overloaded
10.01.10- 20.23-20.26 - Down

The officials are to blame, not the men and women who defend your life, your property, your livelihoods.

We must make our voices heard over the politics, over the government protectionism of public liability, we need multiple sources of information and not information that is hidden from al except a few who understand how these things work.

“Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron says people should never rely only on the CFA website."

So tell me Mr Cameron – what do we rely on? Or do we leave our house, our business or animals to the hand of God?

Victorians have a right to know - not be kept in the dark like mushrooms. We have a right to defend if capable/able

16.12.09 - Outage No. 1
16.12.09 Excuses for Outage
30.12.09 - Outage No. 2
01.01.10 - Outage No. 3
09.01.10 - Outage No. 4

To contact Mr Bob Cameron - please use his his website located Here

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