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Friday, January 1, 2010

Victorian Publics’ Lives at Risk #3 - outage of CFA/DSE Sites

Today, the 31.12.09, I have been told that the CFA site behaved perfectly - kudos - thank-you

But the DSE site is another issue - as at 02.22hrs on the 1st day of the new year - the site is COMPLETELY offline. As at 11.46hrs - the DSE website is up and functioning again - once again this failure can not continue to occur, for surely it MAY place lives in danger in a time of need.

01.01.10 - 02.22hrs DOWN
01.01.10 - 09.29hrs DOWN
01.01.10 - 09.41hrs DOWN

01.01.10 – 09.49hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 09.51hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.03hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.12hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.15hrs DOWN

01.01.10 – 10.30hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.32hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.35hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.39hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 10.42hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 11.00hrs DOWN

01.01.10 – 11.04hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 11.08hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 11.15hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 11.20hrs DOWN
01.01.10 – 11.41hrs - Up

It would appear that the DSE site has been down for the past 10 hours - perhaps longer - THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

Alright - so it might be almost 2.30am in the morning - but a major thunder storm - with lightning strikes has just passed through the Melbourne area and is heading east into areas already in trouble with previous lightning strikes.

Can anyone see a problem with this?

The site is trying to load - but not succeeding - The CFA site is fine and working 100% - but the DSE site is another issue altogether

Victorian Public Lives at Risk #1 (16.12.09)

Victorian Public Lives at Risk #2 (30.12.09)

Reason for the outage of the 16.12.09

Now the DSE site is down totally - this can not continue - what if the WA disaster had happened here?

Would the public be screaming for heads to roll? - I think they might be - as it is they are crying foul about the SMS text messages being late.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for getting people to think for themselves - but people are so used to the government thinking for them - they don't know any different.

Now is the time to act - now is the time for the CFA/DSE and Government OFFICIALS to pull their fingers out and actually do something that makes your volunteers and supporters proud be called so - and not cringe when they get abused for previous events.

Pull up your socks and show us you can do something for the benefit of all Victorians


(Last Updated 01.01.10 - 11.47hrs - NO FURTHER UPDATES unless something changes)

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