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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Story - A True Story Part 4 - Black Saturday

Part 3

Two of the people that arrived at the house last night - just before the fire storm hit had left as I got out of the car - they were away for about 60 minutes - they came back wiped out :( - It seems that they have lost their son and his friend - I know they have property - but it is suspected that they are also under the property.

I thought at this stage - one thing I could do was check out the possibility that the boys were at the evacuation point - I checked NOTHING. The news was getting worse. People were waiting on the oval for news of loved ones,one by one there were being advised that family members didn’t make it. It was horrendous. It felt like Whittlesea all over again – even though that was only hours ago.

The next thing I did was to try and get to the property - couldn’t drive down there - BUT - I left the car and with a note advising who I was and where I was going and went to walk down - I was confronted by another two DSE guys - when they tried to say I had to evacuate - I said I have only just got here and they said oh – we heard about you. They let me go and said they would follow me in about 10 minutes as they are issuing the evacuation order due to Health and Hygiene problems and no running water.

I went down the road to the boys place - on the way – I saw a couple with a flat tyre - but I didn’t have time to help them - I had more important things to do - I continued on - I got to the property and the place was gone – I checked under the bridges to confirm that they weren’t there but perhaps injured but I realised there was little hope. The only other car the boys had was burned out beside the place :( - I believe they are dead - it is not possible for them to have escaped I don’t believe :(

I went back up the car with a heavy heart - on the way the DSE guys passed me - I told them about the flat tyre people and they went and assisted them and left me alone.

Part 5


Cherylh77 said...

Hi Sweety:

I can't imagine how hard these posts must have been to write. My heart and soul breaks just reading them.

You've lived through alot xo

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

The posts were not hard to write - they were written with 12-24 hours after the actual event - I learnt a long time ago - that you always forget things once time has passed, regardless of how short the period and other times you remember things - you wish you couldn't or didn't. There is no going back only forward. This is all part of the forward process

Anyone reading this - it does help to write things down - you look back and think after a while that some things are not too bad and others, well it was better they were written down because otherwise you wipe them from your mind and they are part of you.

You have to look ahead, looking back often only brings back the bad stuff :(

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

I forgot to thank-you for taking the time to comment. It does make things a little easier to share.

The more people know - hopefully the more alert they will be if the need ever arises.

Cazzie!!! said...

aYour comment above is so true. In my years as a nurse I find it most helpful to write things down as events occur. The events then stay as factual as possible. The brain is good at hiding things otherwise, and we are then forgetful :)
What an amazing recount of such a harrowing day. I cannot imagine living it, it was just so gut wrenching listening to it on the radio...oh, and working in the emergency that day too..see, I had forgotten about that as I read your own recount.

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

Cazzie, the you realisethat's how easy it is to forget - there are many things that I have omitted from here (because they are too graphic) and many things that I had forgotten about or not thought important - which now seem important.
The human mind is a strange thing!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for looking for the boys. They weren't just the boys from the farm, they were brothers, sons and loved ones. I'm glad someone went looking for them......

Heather said...

They were all of the above, I used the term 'boys' as a sign of affection. I didn't want to name anyone - those like yourself who knew them, know who I was referring to.

They were two of many lost that day, two young men who had a lot to live for, who loved life, and loved people and animals.

Thank-you for taking the time to comment, I know it must have been hard, they are missed. That I promise.