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Friday, January 8, 2010

My Story - A True Story Part 7 - Black Saturday

Part 6
Tuesday 10.02.09

Mum and dad finally got a message out – they had to leave to get more supplies – they didn't get any of the messages that I have been trying to get through

We got home from the trip to Marysville – had some food and then I went into town to the evacuation centre to try and get some help

I went to the Salvo's they couldn't help – they were happy to write a cheque – I didn't want nor need it

I spoke to someone from the Red Cross – she said that she couldn't help BUT I should approach the local police as they are removed from the Marysville situation and wouldn't be so upset.

I did that – I spoke to someone at the meeting – he took my name and number – I requested the someone call me to let me know that they had got the message – I received an incoming phone call about 10pm – stating that he unable to contact the local police and that he had sent an email that is trackable and he has to answer.

So I figured it is just a waiting game – I was positive that one of the messages would get through – How wrong I was.

My sister had received a call from my parents, my sister said that they still weren’t aware of the supplies. They had left all the animals, (townsfolk's animals) there for safe keeping during the approach of the fire in the hope that will give them the lien they needed to get back into town.

There are a couple of families staying in the town, and I’ve advised dad that everyone needs to band together and make sure all are okay – There are and will be many tears, especially with communications down and no-one else to talk to, a stewing pot of emotions and with so many known lost, the holes are huge.

What the officials are doing is criminal – they can not starve people out – they can not prevent people from remaining in properties that are not damaged. Already there are stories of looting in the Kinglake area – our friends place was done over.


Part 8

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