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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Story - A True Story Part 11 - Black Saturday

Part 10

Here are some articles from printed media showing how hard it has been for residents in the Marysville area.
Heaven to Hell and Hopefully Back Again
Weekly Times Now - National News

This is from the Rotary Club – notice that Marysville gets 1 page and Kinglake the other 6? – Marysville is 2nd class as far as the media are concerned Richmond Rotary Bushfire Recovery

Not one word here about Wandong/Bendigo or Marysville and yet this is a world-wide event - I would have thought the media could look beyond their own noses for once.,,26616424-5006301,00.html

I could go on and on - living in Whittlesea - I see the differences in treatment between Kinglake/Flowerdale/Humevale residents and those in Marysville/Bendigo/Wandong/Gippsland. It makes me sad - the only thing I can put it down to is that Melbourne is so much closer to Kinglake and thus the media crews have easy access.
Marysville residents are proud and won't ask for help - they are old-school and do what has to be done, without looking for hand-outs.

There will never be a day - that someone lost in this tragic event, won't be remembered, be it by family, friends or work colleagues. Everyone involved on that day has a story to tell. These stories need to be put out there for others to read - without the telling of stories, people next time won't remember and we need to make sure that nobody ever forgets this and is prepared to act, rather than wait.

Some of my stories from my blog:-
My Father Said
Survivors Guilt
Flashback of the Worst Kind

That is the end of My Story - I hope you pay attention to this and make your life decisions accordingly - do not allow your children, your family, your friends to suffer - If you don't feel you can cope under the threat of fire - GET OUT

I can't say anymore than that.

So many people lost so much - not just houses and cars and family pets, but family members, family history - It's hard to describe, but imagine re-entering a changed world with nothing. Imagine all that was of the past gone. That favourite photo of little Johnny on the swing set, that timble of your nannas. All gone.

The rebuilding of assets isn't the problem - it's the rebuilding of history, the ability to feel safe on high risk fire days. Just the ability to know that your friends and children and family won't suffer the same tragedy.

Take care out there - remember "Be Prepared or Prepare to Die" I can't make it any simpler.


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