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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scorched - The Telemovie

This is a made for TV special - I believe done by Channel 9

It is very realistic and the part actors do a very good job portraying how real people behave in real situations, around fire and hot weather.

The news reading is dramtic and very realistic also, makes your skin crawl. The similiarities to real events is un-nerving, remembering that was made LONG before the fires now known as Black Saturday occured.

There is a VERY important message in here and I think you should sit down and watch. One of those important messages is how to behave around fire and the what to do when warned about the approach of fire

Overlook the big name actors and concentrate on the smaller actors and the way the camera tells the story.

It is worth the effort to watch - which you can do simply by going to the site and pressing play on Episode 1. (I did notice that what appears to be a short 2 minute episode, acutally goes for loger - so be a little patient and let it load the different parts for you)

It will scare you - but it is realistic. Anyone with doubts about staying or going, perhaps you should watch this and experience it from the safety of your chair before committing to something that you cannot back down from once decided.

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