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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Twitter #Hoaxes-Small Minds Amused by Small Things, #Haiti, #Earthquake

Last Updated 22.01.2010 09.20hrs

Since the earthquake in Haiti which decimated one of the poorest countries on earth.

Some people think it is a great joke to spread rumors, untruths and plain hoaxes into the world, via social media, forums and the like.

It’s not just the Haiti event that causes this sort of cruel joke to be played, there are individuals in the community who think it is a great laugh to spread lies simply because they think they can

Let’s de-bunk the lies starting here:-

American Airlines ARE NOT flying Doctors and Nurses to Haiti for Free.
The Nation National have the truth and lies here - follow up - Don't send into the WWW unless you know it is true

UPS are NOT sending 50lb parcels to Haiti for free – they are donating US$1million to aid. Here is an update from the UPS site Directly UPS Haiti
The Nation National

Facebook is NOT Donating $1 per Status Update to Haiti Relief
Urban Legends

Jet Blue are NOT flying just any Doctors/Nurses to Haiti, "We're not offering free transportation for just any doctors who walk up and want to fly there."
The Nation National

UNICEF & Red Cross DO NOT need nor want clothing and food for Haiti atm

Requests for Donations:- Always be Very Careful when pledging donations, DO NOT click on links supposedly from trusted sources. Symantec has revealed that the '419' scammers are using the devastion to access your personal details possible steal your identity.

As Deborah Hymes (@wandernot), a user of Twitter commented “People who start fake Twitter rumors have the same mentality as hackers: still in high school, longing to hang with the cool kids.”

Just because something is on Facebook does not make it True. It is A HOAX - Please check out the links above and everytime you see someone making a mistake - let them know that it wastes the donated money - when organisations have to deal with this.

If you know of any rumors that immediately effects efforts of charitable organisations, post in the comments with links etc and I’ll post here for all to see.

Send this link far and wide and let’s see if we can stop the gullible from being fooled, time and time again.

Spanish:- Alguna gente piensa que es una gran broma para separar rumores, falsedades y a bromas llanas en el mundo, vía medios sociales, los foros y similares.
#HOAX American Airlines, Unicef y UPS NO estan transportando enfermeras y medicos gratis a #Haiti. Lean el link

Portugese:- Alguns povos pensam que é um grande gracejo para espalhar e semelhante boatos, untruths e embustes lisos no mundo, através dos meios sociais, fóruns.

French:- Certains pensent que c'est une grande plaisanterie pour écarter des rumeurs, des mensonges et des canulars plats au monde, par l'intermédiaire des médias sociaux, des forum et semblable.

German:- Einige Leute denken, dass es ein großer Witz ist, zum von Gerüchten, von Untruths und von normalen Hokuspokussen in die Welt, über Sozialmittel, Foren und dergleichen zu verbreiten.

You can follow me on Twitter @I_Enigma - thanks for taking the time to add to this - it's a pity that it had to written in the first place.

I realise that some people believe in truth and honesty 100% - unfortunately not everyone tells the whole truth. Some of the abuse I have received would astound you! I might add the more colourful ones later on - just to give you an idea of the thought patterns of some people!

Just because it is on the internet does make it true NOR right - check ALL sources BEFORE passing onto friends. Too assume is to make an ass of yourself ;)


Gilly Newman said...

GOD help those people of Haiti

It ain't so (most of the time) said...

Gilly - thanks for the comment - and YES I agree with you - unfortunately God can't be everywhere and that is why we have to help - it's just a pity that some people only see it as a chance to make money - if they were in the same boat - they would be complaining -yet it's okay for them?
God will help with a little assitance from the rest of the worls. They are going to need all the help they can get for years to come